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I am not aware of any actual testing on clear cast P.U. or Epoxy, however we have done a large variety of clear casting in P.U. and have not had any need to change the intended design of the part. Unless you are trying to identify mJ transfer across an open field, I would recommend using the refractive indexes of your production material and anticipate a minor variation from the production parts.

I do suggest you use a UV stabilized material (BJB 781,2,3&4). This may help provide consistent results during testing.

If there's anything else please ask.

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  I intend to cast clear prototypes in epoxy or PU out of silicone mold. Original part designed for injection molding in Acrylic has multiple faces of light refraction and internal reflection. It has a narrow operational window of optical design and expect the design is sensitive to optical properties, mainly to refractive index. I could not find optical properties of clear castable epoxy or PU.
  Anyone out there has golden experience of making multiple prototypes of lenses or similar optical items??? At least source of optical properties for castable clear materials would be useful to me.

  Thanks in advance.

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