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Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 15:14:56 EEST


We have made 50 or more sand castings with epoxy-coated LOM patterns on many
occasions. Of course, the durability of the pattern depends on the shape of
its features. Small finger-like protrusions and very thin walls may break, but
this is true of many pattern materials, including wood. It is a good idea to
be at the foundry during the casting process to closely watch the condition of
the pattern. As you know, LOM is easy to fix if it starts failing.



> Dear list,
> We are currently using SIBCO Inc. LOMPOXY resin to infiltrate our LOM parts
> and make them stronger and more heat resistant.
> A customer of ours is interested in using a LOM part as a master pattern for
> sand casting.
> By impregnating the LOM part with LOMPOXY, how many times can the LOM part
> be used as a master pattern? Is it good to be used as a master pattern for
> 5-10 runs??
> I need some answers immediately....can anyone on the list help?
> Thank you very much.
> Best regards,
> Raymond Tan,
> Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Center,
> Research & Development Department,
> Shah Alam, Malaysia.
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