Re: Y2K Failure In CNC Process

From: C. Brock Rooney (
Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 21:41:07 EEST

Typical y2k bull.
No identification of the equipment or manufacturer; This is because most of
these stories are false.
> - At the 31/12/1999-1/1/2000 transition, the PLC's BIOS
>resets from 31/12/99 to 4/1/1980;
Solution: set the date in January. It takes more time and effort to test
for this than it does to fix it. Such a problem, having to set the date on
a computer once every few years. What will they ever do when the battery
backup on the clock has to be replaced?
> - There will now be a date conflict between the downloaded
>NC data and the internal date.
So what?

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