3DStudio Viz and STL

From: brit@shadowfax.whanganui.ac.nz
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 13:59:58 EEST

 I have some questions concerning 3D “printing”. I create models in 3D
 Studio Viz 2 and I would like to convert them into STL files for 3D
 (preferably LOM printing. However, the models apparently need to be
 booleaned completely before converting to STL files so they are not
 intersecting and are one continuous surface (without “loops”).
 3d Studio does not boolean complex objects very well. Could I export
 these 3d studio Max models into SolidWorks - or some other software
 continue the boolean?
 Also, where could I find of LOM or other printing techniques in NZ or



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