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Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 00:14:46 EEST

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If have found yourself frustrated, because
your website is up, the online order system is
working, and your traffic light is green, yet,
the GOLD MINE you here so much about on the news
eludes your business. You have found the answer.

There is only one way to make SALES, and that is
show people your product/service.

            **********ABOUT US*************
We handle Advertising fulfillment for several direct
marketing firms. Often when you purchase Mass Mail
Campaign elsewhere we are the actual list provider and
mailer. Why, because we are the best and the competition
has decided to join us rather than lose their customer
base to us.

Our list of credits include
* Card Services Int'l.
* The Web Marketing Network
* Several:
  = Publicly Traded Companies
  = Independent Publishers
  = MLM operators.
  = etc...

If you have a steady base of customers that need our ser-
vices. Price negotiation is available for serious firms.
General List Mass Mailing Service
$250.00 per 100,000 $0.0025 per Name

$1500.00 per Million $0.0015 per Name
We can also do targeted lead generation on a per lead basis.
First, you send us your e-mail message and audience
demographics. You specify your desired target size and your
audience attributes including geographic location. Based on
your specifications we generate a list custom fitted to each

Targeted e-mail service. (custom extraction)
10,000 for $250.00 $0.025 per Name

50,000 for $1000.00 $0.02 per Name

100,000 for $1500.00 $0.015 per Name
**** All prices are in U.S. dollars. ****
In our quest to offer you the best possible service, we have
asked what you don't like about similar services. And
listening to you has made us better than most. When you are
our customer, we go the extra mile because we are looking for
repeat business, not dissatisfied one-time purchasers.
             CALL 813-988-7662 to ORDER NOW.

Thank You!


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