RE: Looking for reference material for prototyping

Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 15:27:48 EEST

1st things 1st who are you? Could you sign your emails with a name?

I have complete reference material for the following topics/conferences:

SME conferences
SFFF University of Texas at Austin
International RP Conferences University of Dayton
Plus several from the European community
Plus most technical articles
Plus videos of all processes
Plus copies of patents
Plus three CDROMs full of RP related photos and artwork (line art for slide
shows and papers)
And more

If you are interested in purchasing these things please respond to the
following email address:

Karl R. Denton
Lead Engineer
Williams International

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        I'm looking for good books on Prototyping. Especially as it relates
to Rapid
        Prototyping. I know very little about the field, but would like to
        more. More about the alternative process and how they work.
Basically I'm
        looking for good reference books that can give me the basics about
        different types of Prototyping available and how they might compare
        similar processes.

        Any help in tracking down these books will be greatly appreciated.
        E-mail me your suggestions at

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