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Society of Manufacturing Engineers []
Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, SME is an international professional
society, founded in 1932. SME has more than 70,000 members in 70 countries
and sponsors over 300 chapters. SME is dedicated to the education of
engineering professionals.

American National Standards Institute []
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), founded in 1918, is a
non-profit membership organization that is fully involved in its support of
the goals of U.S. and global standardization and committed to enhancing the
quality of life.

National Tooling & Machining Association []
The National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) is the national
representative of the precision custom manufacturing industry throughout
the United States. Member companies design and manufacture special tools,
dies, mold, and related machine parts.

American Society of Engineering & Education []
ASEE plays a role in developing programs and policies that enable
engineering education and allied branches of science and technology to meet
challenges of global competition. ASEE provides a link among educational
institutes, corporations and government agencies.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers []
ASME, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is an organization for
promoting the art, science and practice of mechanical engineers throughout
the world.
Association for Manufacturing Technology []
 The Association of Manufacturing Technology has been dedicated to
supporting and enhancing the activities of American manufacturers since its
founding over 90 years ago.
The American Society of Testing Materials []
Organized in 1898, ASTM has grown into one of the largest voluntary
standards development systems in the world. The ASTM is a not-for-profit
organization that provides a forum for those having general interest in
writing the standards for materials, products, systems and services.
Materials Information Society []
        ASM International is the society for materials engineers, a
worldwide network dedicated to advancing industry, technology, and
applications of metals and materials.
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences []
The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences is a not for profit research
and development consortium of more than 220 North American corporations.
Through NCMS, companies can team up on research projects that normally
would be too costly and time consuming to do themselves.
Society of Women Engineers [] The Society of Women Engineers
is dedicated to the growth and achievement of women in the engineering field.
ISO 9000 Group []
The ISO 9000 group comprises quality professionals and networking system
specialists. The ISO Group, formed in 1993, provides information access,
documentation, and referral services relating to ISO Quality Management

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