3D Lightyear Graphics cards

From: lblasch@opw-fc.com
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 11:07:02 EEST

     To: List
     I am going to be getting 3D Lightyear soon and I am interested in
     finding out what hardware you folks are using.
     I have the minimum specs from 3D, and a list of graphics cards that
     they have tried, but I want to know the latest.
     Does it work better on NT Server or Workstation?
     Do you need Multiprocessors?
     How much ram does it really need?
     Has anyone networked it to an NFS Unix environment?
     Thanks in advance,
     Larry Blasch
     Design Engineer
     OPW Fueling Components
     P.O. Box 405003
     Cincinnati, OH 45240-5003 USA
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