Re: RP Project-Die Cast parts

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 21:36:42 EEST

Dear Sean,

> Enginering. I am interested in performing a cost analysis of RP part
> manufacture compared to traditional part manufacture. I am thinking about
> selecting a fuel filter base part for a heavy duty industrial engine. The
> is normally die casted. The part has been manufactured with RP technology
> John Howarter of Caterpillar Inc, so I know it can be done. What I plan to
> is to analyize the cost benefit ratios, and cost savings of using RP
> technology to produce over die casting with CNC produced dies.

    Excellent research topic! You should get a copy of Phill Dicken's paper
of a similar nature based on parts used by a Brittish lawnmower
manufacturer. Contact Phill at I and many others will be
interested in your findings.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
Ennex Corporation, Los Angeles, USA, (310) 824-8700

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