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>Well, I am taking the leap of faith here. I have been reading this RP list for

great things are accomplished with small leaps of faith...very few things

>What I would like from anyone who has lasted this long into my message is any

just finished a meeting with a grad student asking about his
message to you and all potential researchers.......

Don't box yourself in by looking at today's technology and trying to see
where your work fits.
Look outside today and beyond tomorrow...
Consider a perfect world with a perfect material and a perfect technology
and then dream of what could be done...
then do it...
what you accomplish may provide the leap of faith to even greater things...

Consider the following from MMS web site:
 1. The global market for dies, molds and precision parts is estimated to
be $65 billion in sales, with $20 billion U.S. market share. [Destefani,
 2. Die and mold making is a dying trade. The average diemaker in the U.S
is 56 years old. Soon, the knowledge will retire with them.
3. Approximately 70-80% of the production costs of a die are already
determined during the design stage. [Waltl et al, 1997]
4. Only 6% of American die/mold companies use 5-axis milling.

The new semester begins!

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