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Date: Sat Aug 07 1999 - 01:26:08 EEST

Hi Anshuman and fellow RPers,

Paraform V1.0 has now been completed and will be demonstrated at Siggraph
this year in Los Angeles: We'll be in booth

Please check out our new website ( for more information on
the company and products.


Brian Kissel
CEO, Paraform, Inc.
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Perhaps Brian/Ashim/Venkat from Paraform should shed a light on this issue
for majority of people who have not seen Paraform in action. However, to be
fair to them they are in the process of releasing the software - which is a
hectic time !! But would love to hear from them nonetheless !!


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Jason Dickman wrote:

> I agree with Steve about Paraform. It seems for years there really hasn't
> been a surfacing
> package that converts polys into NURBS... enter Paraform.

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