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Dear list,
        Has anyone ever heard of this? Has it happend in your town? Is it
really posible? If it is, how scary and what a bunch of sick individuals!

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> > Subject: Please be careful of Pay Phones
> >
> > Hello, this is to warn every one of a new thing happening in
> > communities as a gang initiation and such. If you care about anyone,
> > please forward this to them immediately so they can learn of the
> > harm. Even if you don't read this, at least forward it to people.
> >
> > Hello, my name is Tina Strongman and I work at a police station, as
> > a phone operator for 911. Lately, we've received many phone calls
> > pertaining to a new sort of problem that has arisen in the inner
> > and is now working it's way to smaller towns. It seems that a new
> > of gang initiation is to go find as many pay phones as possible and
> > mixture of LSD and Strychnine onto the buttons. This mixture is
> > to the human touch, and apparently, this has killed some people on
> > east coast. Strychnine is a chemical used in rat poison and is
> > separated from the rest of the chemicals. When mixed with LSD, it
> > a
> > substance that is easily absorbed into the human flesh, and highly
> >
> > Please be careful if you are using a pay phone anywhere. You may
> > want to wipe it off, or just not use one at all. If you have any
> > questions, you can contact me at the links listed below. Please be
> > careful. Let your friends and family know about this potential
> > Thank you.
> >
> > Tina Strongman
> > Email -

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