re: OFF TOPIC -- new homicide?!?

Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 16:05:56 EEST


It's an urban legend. I'm sure you'll find that Tina Strongman doesn't
exist (anyone can set up a hotmail account for any name he chooses). This
particular message is a variant of the 'aids infected needle in coin return
slot' payphone legend.

Normally I'd respond privately to this, but I'm hoping to prevent some
other list members from spreading it further. In real life we tend to
accept things until they are proven false. This behavior works out most of
the time, because most of what we are told is true. The internet is just
the opposite...


*** Brian VanHiel - Mech. Eng. - Nordson Corp - ***

*** Brian VanHiel - Mech. Eng. - Nordson Corp - ***

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