RPMI Symposium 2000

From: Reggie Ponder (reginald.ponder@marc.gatech.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 17:39:53 EEST

We would like to extend the opportunity to
others to review our proposed Symposium
2000 web page.

The RPMI at Georgia Tech needs your help in
determining a pertinent program for a planned
RP&M symposium in early 2000. We have
structured a program which addresses some
major issues and opportunities in the future of
RP&M. Please help by viewing the program
and giving us your opinion of the topics we
selected (three questions, multiple choice). It
will require 5 minutes or less of your time and
will be of great value to the RPMI. Please
access the web site at http://rpmi.marc.gatech.edu
and click on symposium. We plan to publish
the results on or about August 15, 1999.


Reginald D. Ponder
Director of Operations
Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Institute
Georgia Institute of Technology
Manufacturing Research Center
813 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0406

404.894.7688 telephone
404.894.7689 fax
E-mail: reginald.ponder@marc.gatech.edu
Website: http://rpmi.marc.gatech.edu

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