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<< Does anyone have any statistics as to how much time and money can be saved
 submitting SL, SLS etc Models to toolmakers for evaluation early in tool
 manufacture process.
 Thanks in anticipation
 John. >>

John ;
We have made many molds with the customer supplying SL parts for the
toolmaker to look at. The most noteworthy that I can think of is when we had
6 AT&T standing around the toolmakers bench. He was just getting started on a
phone enclosure mold. They had supplied a very nicely finished SLA to us of
the parts which were about 8X10 inches and fit together nicely when
assembled. The SLA models had a big impact on us. Unfortunatly the impact was
with the floor when the toolmaker dropped it, the SLA was destroyed
completely. I have never seen six people look so awestruck at one time. We
got the job completed ok but we havn't done anymore work for that customer
since. Since then we have had a stigma against letting the toolmakers have SL
models even though we have an SLA machine in house. This is a true story
reading Johns inquiry made me remember the incident with a smile.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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