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Jan, et al:

My added comments are preceeded by %%%%%%%%%%

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>Dear Tom,
> Can you tell me more in detail which processes/technologies you will
>use when you mentioned:
>* Direct RP,
%%%%%%%%%% We destroy the RP pattern in our lost wax casting process.

>* by Indirect RP (rapid tooling)

%%%%%%%%%%%% We apply CAD to create cavity parts around customer's geometry,
build the RP patterns of the cavity parts, precision cast them in say H13,
fit them up, injection mold waxes of customer's geometry and precision cast
the waxes in customer's alloy of choice.


>* by our conventional Hard-Tooled precision casting processes

%%%%%%%%%%%% Read any book on precision casting.
> Like to know that !
> all the best from Holland and thanks for your effort
> Jan Willem
>Jan Willem Gunnink
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>Department of Industrial Prototyping
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>> Dr. Phil Dickens: You wrote: "We will re run the three parts on the Flymo
>> study and check the new numbers.
>> When we have done this I would be very grateful if you could make a tool
>> with your process and we can do a straight forward break even analysis."
>> Send me your .stl and I'll quote doing it by Direct RP, by Indirect RP
>> (rapid tooling) and by our conventional Hard-Tooled precision casting
>> processes, in whatever standard alloy and condition you specify.
>> For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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