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Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 16:16:22 EEST

Great idea Steven!

At 12:36 AM 8/11/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Since CAD is the drivers license one needs to be able to even consider Rapid
>Prototyping, it would seem that the RP manufacturers ought to be focusing their
>efforts to put CAD in the hands of as many businesses as they can.
>Maybe the RP world could come together to run an online CAD University. Since
>CAD learning is software specific, this would need to be a partnership between
>the software and RP vendors.
>My stamement that I would be interested in taking another online CAD course
>reflects the complexity of the CAD packages. My next course could be the
>intermediate FormZ course and then the advanced or maybe I would take the
>beginning course.
>I see this as a win-win for everyone. The end user would have access to
>innexpensive comprehensive CAD courses, innexpensive due to standardization of
>course content and a projects based approach instead of the currently offered
>individual tutoring. The software vendors would benefit by selling more
>software as people could take a semester long online $1,000 course using a demo
>version. After the course, the sales rate should be pretty good for their
>software assuming it fit the students needs. RP benefits by giving the
>uninitiated user the drivers liscense needed prior to considering RP for their
>business. Even if they do not end up purchasing RP technology, there will now
>be a new army of individuals with the ability to access service bureaus which
>will in the end benefit RP manufacturers.
>Who it is that would be able to bring the various RP manufacturers together
>the various CAD vendors to fund a seamless unified Online CAD University, I do
>not know, but it seems obvious that this is what is needed to bring RP to the
>masses. I would imagine that this could be run at a breakeven level if not
at a
>Steven Pollack
>The Missing Link Jewelers

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