Re: The Studio at Siggraph '99

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 10:10:30 EEST

>students we did pretty rock and roll lab. I wish we could organize some
>thing like this (just the 3D portion of it) at an SME conference so many RP
>rookies could get a hands on feel for it - Any body from SME listening !!
>The RP companies will be more than happy to donate machines and material.
>Hmmm come to think of it I like the idea if anyone wants to take and run
>with it.


    That's an interesting idea. It reminds me that we did something similar
when I taught a two-day course on agile manufacturing at Caltech a couple of
years ago. We didn't have the machines on site, except for a Sanders that
was brought in by TCT Technologies. For the other machines, local fab shops
donated time. Parametric Technologies provided a CAD station and an
applications engineer and the people in the class together created a design,
which was then e-mailed to the shops, fabricated overnight, and all the
models were delivered the next day for examination by the class. It was a
very popular part of the program. It's fanstastic how far the technologies
have come in just a couple of years so that now it's practical to have the
equipment on site and fabbing models same-day. I agree, a "Studio"-like
demonstration would be excellent for the SME show.

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