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From: Elaine Hunt (ehunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 15:44:23 EEST

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Systems
1999 Austin Conference Presentations

Technology Name

EDSSM Extrusion and Deposition of Semi-Solid Metals
3DP Three Dimensional Printing
3DWM 3D Welding and Milling
CAM-LEM Computer aided Manufacturing-Layer of Laminated Engineering
CC Contour Crafting
DLMS Direct Laser Metal Sintering
ECLD-SFF ElectroChemical Liquid Deposition for SFF
EFF Extrusion FreeForming
EPDFF Electrophotographic Powder Deposition for Freeform Fabrication
FDC Fused Deposition of Ceramics
FDM Fused Deposition Modeling
FDMet Fused Deposition of Metals
FFF Fast Freeform Fabrication
FI Fast Inkjet
GMAW Gas Metal Arc Welding
LCRHLS Local Chemical Reaction Heat by Laser Scanning
LCVD Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition
LDM Laser Diode Manufacturing
Lens Laser Engineered Net Shape
LM Layered Manufacturing
LML Laser Microchemical Lathe
LOM Laminated Object Manufacturing
M2SLS Multimaterial Selective Laser Sintering
MesoSDM Mesoscopic Shape Deposition Manufacturing
Mold SDM Mold Shape Deposition Manufacturing
PLD Pulsed Laser Deposition
PPD PointWise Powder Deposition
RFP Rapid Freeze Prototyping
RBC RoboCasting
RPBPS Rapid Pattern Based Powder Sintering
RSLA Refrigerative SLA
SALD Selective Area Laser Deposition
SALDVI Selective Area Laser Deposition and Vapor Infiltration
SLPR Selective Laser Powder Remelting
SLS Selective Laser Sintering
TIF Temperature Induced Forming
TLP Thick Layer Prototyping
WFDM WireFeed Direct Metals
SLA Stereolithography
CLOM Curved Laminated Object Manufacturing

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