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Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 18:35:13 EEST

Hello Ricky,
A couple of questions to help me learn more about your project.  Do you
have a master pattern? Is it moldable from top to bottom or does it
require side pulls (a.k.a. slides or cams)?  Is it actual product size
or is it upsized for tooling?  Do you have duplicating aids or is this
something the mold maker would do normally for you?  Do you want P-20,
H13 or aluminum tooling?  How many cavities?  Would we be making inserts
We can help regardless of what you have presently.  From the sounds of
it a 4:1 master would be preferable.  We have three Deckel pantographs. 
(2 - GK21) are 10:1 to 1.5:1 reduction ratios. (1 - KF2S) is 1:1 but not
very sensitive for fine jewlery type detail.  Most often the work you
are describing would best accomplished on the GK21.  Please forward
digital image of model and tool specifications.

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Subject: Injection Mold needed for Jewelry

Hello fabbers-
I produce plastic injection molds for jewelry, cheifly by CNC and
pantograph, and die sinking/hand engraving methods. I have a customer
who requires an injection mold for a coin frame bezel pendant that has a
twisted rope edge on the outside as is commonly seen in jewelry
catalogs...It will hang on a common twisted rope chain, about 4mm, and
have a coin about the size of a silver dollar in it. A rubber or RTV
mold, or tooling as you engineers say, will not give the level of detail
he wants. Anybody know of a way to create a cavity of the profile of
rope chain to accomplish this ( by EDM or whatever),or possibly a
metalized epoxy type mold, etc.? Anyone want to give a bid on the job? I
am making other molds for this customer, but not able to do this one.
Ricky Low
Houston, Texas
Ph. 713-974-3710

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