Re: Fall semester RP Exam

From: cwho (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 20:30:10 EEST

When I was working for the governemnt on SBLs and NPBs for SDI at the
R2P2 lab* we used to include a page at the front of all of our tecnical
reports which we titled the LOA**
Nobody ever saw the humor... nobody ever read the reports either though...

*Space Based Lasers and Nutral Particle Beams for Strategic Defense
Initiative at the Rapid Retargeting and Precsion Pointing Lab

** List of Acronyms

>Just testing to see if you are on your toes. Name the 1999 RP processes.
>And you spent the summer thinking that RP was simple......
>Mold SDM

     Laser Graphic Manufacturing - Precision Models
              for Architecture and Development
    800-448-8808 - - 970 - 827 -5274

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