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<< I remember seeing an RP technology evolution tree that traced out the
 various FFF methods and their relationships to one another. Does it still
 exist? Has it been updated?
 *** Brian VanHiel - Mech. Eng. - Nordson Corp - ***
Hi Brian:

There's a very nice and extensive tree at:

The whole RP Family tree.

Daniel Suárez García recently posted this to the RPML in his list of RP web
sites. There may be another one on there as well. I haven't looked closely

However, you may be thinking about the very large and complete diagram of RP
processes that was prepared by Erkut Negis a couple of years back. This was
at one time available on Sanders web site, but is no longer. I spoke with
Erkut last week about it actually. It hasn't been updated for 2 years and we
might work together to put it on the Castle Island site.

At least I hope so.

Erkut is in Istanbul, and this would be a good time for all who are so
disposed to offer a prayer for him, his family and all the people of Western
Turkey. I haven't heard back from him yet, but there is utter devastation
there and I wouldn't expect to.

Erkut has a new company in Turkey and his web site is:

You can email him directly from this site.

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