Metro Area Volleyball News Vol. 2, No. 5; August 1999

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Here is some of the best volleyball action for August in the
Washington/Baltimore area.

1. Player Referral Database
2. July's Trivia Question Answers/Winners
3. Roxanna Salas Update
4. Help Wanted, VB Coach
5. GoVolleyball
6. Frederick Volleyball Club
7. MAV
8. VBL

Player Referral Database:

The new Player Referral Database is functioning. I made several
improvements from last year; the ability to preview your profile
before submitting and a cleaner display of all possible matches.
Once your profile is submitted it can not be edited, sorry.

To see a working demo quick-click to

As usual, please submit only positive comments. :-)

Mike, Jedi WebMaster

August's Trivia Question

Here is a little levity, something to talk about at the water cooler
or coffeepot. There are no awards here L--sorry just fun.

Trivia Questions:
1. This object weighs .32 pounds. Hint: It can travel at speeds up
2. to 100 mph.
3. What is unique about the peach? Hint: This particular peach
4. traveled a great, great distance.

Email me at (Jedi WebMaster) with your guesses.
Answer will be posted next issue. Good luck.

July's Trivia Question Winners

Congratulations to the following people who guessed the correct
answer: Ljiljana Ciric; Adam Kranz; John Bolyard; Kim Watson; Gene
Stevenson; and Jo Ella Brittingham

1. 52 tons of this have been imported into the US already.
Answer: The Berlin Wall!!

2. Enough of these have been sold to reach around the world 6 times.
Answer: Barbie Dolls.

Roxanna Salas Update

A word from Miquel Salas.

To Our Friends in the Volleyball Community, I want to update you on
Roxanna's condition.

Overall she is feeling better, although she does have some nausea. A
transplant of a new small intestine seems far away. The Insurance
company will not even approve a "Transplant Evaluation," which has to
be done first to even get put on the "New Organ List". Therefore,
her transplant is up in the air and may take a couple of years. If
the Transplant Evaluation is affordable enough, we will try to get
the test.

(If anyone can offer advice and/or guidance on how to best deal with
the insurance company to get what Roxanna needs, I would really
appreciate it.)

Roxanna has gone to several tournaments this summer to watch. She
also gone to the beach twice and would like to go again as soon as we
get the chance.

She has had many tests done to see in the cancer is coming back. So
far, the results are negative and we pray it will stay that way. She
has been in remission for a year and two months now.

Roxanna wants to thank everyone who has prayed for and thought about

I also want to thank everyone for your support, financially,
emotionally, and spiritually.

Please pass this along to others that may be interested.

Miguel Salas

Help Wanted

The College of Notre Dame of Maryland, an NCAA Division III
institution, is now accepting applications for the Assistant Women's
Volleyball Coach position. The season runs from August 23, 1999 -
October 31, 1999. The stipend is $1100. Duties include assisting
the head coach with practices, game management, and recruiting.
Interested persons should contact Kelli Marsh, head coach, as soon as
possible at She can also be
reached by phone at 410-561-0444.


The volleyball club men's, women's and coed four person volleyball
tournament will be on Sunday, August 8, 1999 at Seven Locks
elementary school, 9500 Seven Locks Road, Bethesda, Maryland. The
cost is $25.00/person. Players receive player paks, T-shirt with
this months theme is Grenada, food from Boston Market and prizes for
the winning teams. We offer AA, A, BB, and B for level of play.
Coed is 2m, 2w or 3m, 1w, or 3w, 1m. Format is round robin against
each team in division and playoffs. Registration is 8:00-8:30a.m.
Play begins at 9:00am and ends around 7:00p.m. Registration is the
Wednesday before the Sunday or the morning of the tournament. The
winning teams advance to the regional championships in October at the
Volleyball House in Columbia, Md. please call rich at 301-881-1535
for more info or email or visit our website

Frederick Volleyball Club

The Frederick VBC sponsors their annual volleyball tournament on
September 4, 1999 in Frederick, MD.

Location: Baker Park - Fleming Avenue
Format: Mens/Womens Triples
           Co-Ed 6's - Recreational

Cost: M/O, WAA - $45 per team
       M/AA, M/A, M/BB, W/A, W/BB - $36 per team
       Co-Ed 6's - $75 per team

E-Mail Fees - add $5 and send to

Late fees and walk ons - $8 - deadline 9/1/99
Cash awarded to Mens Open and Womens AA



Join Mid-Atlantic Volleyball at the South Side Park in Vienna,
Virginia on August 28th and 29th for the Vienna Fours Tournament. On
Saturday we offer Mens and Womens Fours (AA, A, BB, B). On Sunday it
is Coed Fours (AA, A, BB, B). It Cost $15 for Non-MAV members and
$10 for MAV members, per person. Pre-registration deadline is August
25th at 6:00pm.

Mid-Atlantic Volleyball will be holding it's Labor Day Classic on
September 4, 5, and 6 at the Laurel Community Center in Laurel, MD.
On Saturday we offer Men's and Women's Doubles. Sunday we offer Coed
Doubles and Men's and Women's Fours. On Monday, we offer Coed Fours
and Coed Sixes. Pre-registration deadline is September 1st at
6:00pm. Please leave a message in voice mail if no one is available
to take your call.

Player Fees: MAV Non-MAV
2s (AAA) $17 $22
2s(AA - B) $13 $18
4s (AA - B) $10 $15
6s (A, B) $ 8 $12
Phone Registration: add $2.50 per team entry
Fax Registration: add $1.00 per team entry

To register: Mail registration to Mid-Atlantic Volleyball, 5504
Wilkins Court, Rockville MD 20852. To register by phone please call
301-881-7795 (+2.50 service charge). Fax registrations to 301-881-
5064 (+1.00 service charge). You can also register online at

For more information on these tournaments and any other of Mid-
Atlantic Volleyball leagues or clinics call 301-881-7795 or check out
our website at or send email to mailto:

Just a reminder that our 15th Annual MAYORS CUP will be in Rehoboth
Beach on September 11th and 12th.

Thanks, Monique


The Volleyball Limited Summer Series continues with the Toyota
$10,000 Invitational this month with beach events in Ocean City, Md.

Schedule for Ocean City in August:
                           Pre register Walk-on (cash only)
                             Per team per team
August 7; M OPEN $44 $55
              AA, A, BB, B $34 $45
August 21-22; Co-Ed OPEN $44 $55
              AA, A, B $34 $45
MAV members receive $2 discount

Prizes are 1st-$1000 and 2nd-$500 for OPEN.

For more information, **please call** Volleyball Limited at
301-593-2255 or visit
for the latest information or send email to

Do you wish to be added to this newsletter?? Contact me at

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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