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From: Paul Finelt (
Date: Sun Aug 22 1999 - 05:01:52 EEST


You should be able to duplicate the rope chain styling with your CAD
system. If you can't, you should consider upgrading your software. This is
very standard stuff for most 3-D CAD systems.

Paul Finelt
Michael Anthony Jewelers, Inc.

At 12:34 AM 8/19/99 -0500, Ricky Low wrote:
>Hello fabbers-
>I produce plastic injection molds for jewelry, cheifly by CNC and
>pantograph, and die sinking/hand engraving methods. I have a customer who
>requires an injection mold for a coin frame bezel pendant that has a
>twisted rope edge on the outside as is commonly seen in jewelry
>catalogs...It will hang on a common twisted rope chain, about 4mm, and
>have a coin about the size of a silver dollar in it. A rubber or RTV mold,
>or tooling as you engineers say, will not give the level of detail he
>wants. Anybody know of a way to create a cavity of the profile of rope
>chain to accomplish this ( by EDM or whatever),or possibly a metalized
>epoxy type mold, etc.? Anyone want to give a bid on the job? I am making
>other molds for this customer, but not able to do this one.
>Ricky Low
>Houston, Texas
>Ph. 713-974-3710


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