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* What We're Reading: "The Lost River," "The Rough Guide to
  the Millennium," "Give Me the World"
* Travel Pack: Indonesia
* Family Time: An exclusive essay by David Elliott Cohen,
  author of "One Year Off"
* Conversation with a Kayaker: "Homelands" author Byron
  Ricks on Alaska's Inside Passage
* Coming Soon: Jon Krakauer adventure literature series
* New and Notable: Recent Footprint Guides
* Travel Bestsellers: "A Walk in the Woods," "Encore
  Provence," "Bella Tuscany"

"The Lost River"
by Richard Bangs
In the early 1970s, adventurer-author Richard Bangs and his
buddies set out to run the last unexplored rivers in
Africa--the Baro, the Blue Nile, the Omo, the Awash--and
finally realized their goal by rafting the Tekeze some 23
years later. "The Lost River" chronicles these extraordinary
leaps into uncharted waters and explores the bonds
forged--and the price paid--in the pursuit of extreme
adventure. If you have the explorer's gene--or liked "Into
Thin Air" or "The Perfect Storm"--you'll love this book.
"The Rough Guide to the Millennium"
by Nick Hanna
Looking for one good book to help you usher in the year
2000? Check out "The Rough Guide to the Millennium," a tiny
compendium packed with tips on doing up the big night
right--from descriptions of each country's main events to
little-known millennium lore to a listing of the best
millennium Web sites. Required reading by December 31.

"Give Me the World"
by Leila Hadley
In 1950, 25-year-old New York divorcee Leila Hadley shipped
out to Hong Kong on a cargo steamer--6-year-old son in
tow. Her remarkable account of their journey around the
world together, "Give Me the World," is considered a classic
among travel memoirs and captures an extraordinary and
inspiring life. One of our favorite reads this season.

In our ongoing Travel Pack series, we've compiled the best
books, music, and videos for journeys to distant
places. Whether you're off to Bali or headed for Borneo,
Sumatra, Java, or Jakarta, we've got everything from "Lonely
Planet Indonesia" and the "Bali Handbook" to Redmond
O'Hanlon's amazing tropical classic, "Into the Heart of

As he neared 40, David Elliot Cohen, editor of the
bestselling "Day in the Life" photography book series
had a midlife crisis--but not the usual sort. Tired of the
trappings of suburban life, he and his young family reduced
their possessions to one suitcase, one backpack, one
passport, and one round-the-world ticket each. Then they
boarded a plane and set off on a 13-month, 56,000-mile
journey to 16 countries on six continents. "One Year Off:
Leaving It All Behind for a Trip Around the World with Our
Children" chronicles their worldwide adventures, bumps and
all. In an exclusive essay for, Cohen considers
whether he would do it all again.

In "Homelands," writer Byron Ricks and his wife, Maren Van
Nostrand, embark on a five-month kayaking odyssey, paddling
from Alaska's Glacier Bay down the coast of Western Canada
to southern Puget Sound. Exploring the notions of home,
community, and our relationship to the two, they traveled
the passage at an average pace of just three knots a
day. What issues face a husband and wife setting out across
vast expanses of open water to confront--in the most literal
sense--what lies beyond? Ricks took time out from his recent
book tour to talk to us about the long journey home.

A brand-new series edited by bestselling author Jon Krakauer
revives some of the world's great classics of adventure
literature. "Farthest North" chronicles Dr. Fridtjof
Nansen's incredible three-year voyage to the frozen polar
ice cap in 1893. "The Last Place on Earth" examines the
great race to the South Pole between Britain's Robert Scott
and Norway's Raoul Amundsen. Long out of print, these are
must-reads for any armchair explorer. Pre-order today for
September shipment.
"Farthest North"
by Fridtjof Nansen

"Last Place on Earth"
by Roland Huntford

The folks at Footprint have relaunched their venerable
guidebook series with travel-proof paperback covers, color
pages, and a fresh, uncluttered format. Check out the
updated "Ecuador & Galapagos" and "Singapore" guides.

"Footprint Ecuador & Galapagos Handbook (Ecuador & Galapagos
Handbook, 2nd Ed)"
by Alan Murphy

"Singapore Handbook (Singapore Handbook, 1st Ed)
by Joshua Eliot, Jane Bickersteth

Bill Bryson's "Walk in the Woods," Peter Mayle's "Encore
Provence," and Frances Mayes's "Bella Tuscany" make great
summer reads and continue to top our bestsellers charts.

"A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the
Appalachian Trail"
by Bill Bryson

"Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France"
by Peter Mayle

"Bella Tuscany: The Sweet Life in Italy"
by Frances Mayes


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