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From: Ranji Vaidyanathan (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 08:02:10 EEST


This is really getting to be very annoying on the part of Many of us have signed up for a mailing list related to Rapid Prototyping. However, we are getting about 10 email messages a day from about things we do not need. We have complained and complained, and it seems to work for a while, and then it is back to square one. A filter would only work so much, as far as the originating email address is something we know already. I think that amazon has turned off at least a million customers and it will soon hit you in the pocket book, when you will realize what sort of anti-amazon feelings that you have created here. Soon we plan to start a mail list called alt.anti.amazonspamming which will make you take our complaints seriously enough. I wish that you would take this into account while sending out your needless emails. Thank you.

Please direct your apologies to

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