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From: Elizabeth Nitz (elizabeth@digibotics.com)
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 15:00:32 EEST

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From: Mike <jedi@charm.net>
To: Elizabeth Nitz <elizabeth@digibotics.com>
Date: Monday, August 23, 1999 10:38 PM
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Elizabeth, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have already received complaints about this smuck. Believe me you are NOT on MY email list. This smuck is playing a game with spamming people and unfortunately you are on his list--a list a lot of us are. What this bone head did was sign-up on my list so he could get my newsletter. I have already removed this smuck from the list. I will also send a complaint to his ISP.

My list is confidential and only volleyball players who wish to be added my do so--I do not spam anybody nor do I advocate it. In fact, I usually take extra steps in firing off a semi-nasty message to the spammers provider and/or web host (can be found in the header area.)

FYI, keep this page as a bookmark: http://www.networksolutions.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois
It can help you find the offending ISP and/or the web host. Also doing a trace or tracert (Windows) of the domain will reveal helpful information. Apparently this smuck is using nordu.net.

Try forwarding your message to the following people and explain what this smuck is doing. Perhaps we all can shut him down.
www-ryhma@hut.fi -- finnish university

Please accept my apologizes. Mike...

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On 8/23/99 at 8:13 AM Elizabeth Nitz wrote:
Please remove my address from your mailing list.
    Thank you, Elizabeth

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