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From: Justin Kidder (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 17:52:16 EEST

Obviously, someone is using the rp-ml address to sign up for these other
lists. Sadly, it's not Amazon who is to blame, unless they can permanently
keep the rp-ml address out of their own mailing lists, whenever someone
tries to sign up with it. They take the address out, and this guy (spammer)
just resubmits it. And if it's not Amazon, then it's a volleyball list, or
some other list--who's to say where it will end? Amazon is not really the
cause, here. Spamming Amazon ourselves is not the long-term answer. The
volleyball guy is right...we gotta find this guy ourselves and get his ISP
to shut him down, or take the list private.

my 2 cents,
Justin Kidder
University of Pittsburgh

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> if all 1500+ of us sent one complaint then they would respond.......
> I will send one complaint for EVER message I get from them.
> Elaine
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