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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 22:40:19 EEST

>I'm looking for architectural applications of rapid prototyping for an
>article I'm writing for Architectural Record, the magazine of the AIA. Do
>any of you know of architects who are using RP either for creating scale
>models or for fabricating full-size building components, such as custom
>moldings, gargoyles, etc.?

Dear B.J.,

    Frank Gehry is the most prominent user of fabbers ("rapid prototyping
machines") in architecture, specifically his staff has used LOM a great deal
for modeling new structures that he has designed by hand. Gehry's style is
perfectly suited to taking advantage of the freeform capabilities of
fabbers. I have a letter in my file from a contractor in Chicago who talked
about wanting to have a fabber on his construction site for making custom
moldings as well as specialized tools, etc., but to my knowledge no one has
yet installed one on a truck for on-site construction service. This will
definitely come. I have a file on architectural applications with some other
examples. Generally, architects have been slow to pick up on this
technology, for reasons I have discussed with some of them. Give me a call
if you'd like to talk about it some more.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
Ennex Corporation, Los Angeles, USA, (310) 824-8700

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