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From: C. Brock Rooney (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 23:20:29 EEST

At 10:52 AM 8/24/99 -0400, Justin Kidder wrote
>Obviously, someone is using the rp-ml address to sign up for these other
>lists. Sadly, it's not Amazon who is to blame, unless they can permanently
>keep the rp-ml address out of their own mailing lists, whenever someone
>tries to sign up with it. They take the address out, and this guy (spammer)
>just resubmits it. And if it's not Amazon, then it's a volleyball list, or
>some other list--who's to say where it will end? Amazon is not really the
>cause, here. Spamming Amazon ourselves is not the long-term answer. The
>volleyball guy is right...we gotta find this guy ourselves and get his ISP
>to shut him down, or take the list private. has done a very poor job of handling this. They have NOT removed
rp-ml from their system, only changed the things rp-ml is to receive. And
sent us all, including the spammer, the info necessary to re-signup.

The other companies did much better. Here, for example, is the reply I
received from after I asked them to remove rp-ml:
>Dear Sir or Madam,
>Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
>This email is to inform you that the account has been removed. Our
customer >has been notified to
>update their account with the correct information.
>If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us by email
or >phone at any time.
>Best Regards,
> Customer Care
>Available by phone:
>M-F 6am-10pm and Sat & Sun 9am-6pm PST
>1-800-drugstore or 1-800-378-4786
>fax 425-372-3806

Remember, You are not in these lists, rp-ml is. So when you contact them,
it does no good to ask them to stop sending You stuff. Ask them to stop sending
stuff to

Our spammer can be found from his original request to sign us up. These
companies should have this info. I think our list administrator should
contact these companies, explain that someone is fraudulently? using the
rp-ml address, and ask for the source IP address and any other info they
might have.

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