RE: 3D Lightyear and Buildstation on SLA 500s

From: Pierce, Steven E (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 23:26:05 EEST

Carl, As one of the many beta sites on this software -
we are still running mostly default settings and can honestly say that this S/W
has some great potential - BUT!


We early on ( after purchasing a new 5000 - thus the new beta test facility ) took in a job that required four identical parts to be built.
We ran default all the way even auto placement, nothing complex as far as the part or the build parameters - verified, sliced everything looked great but it failed.
Part is roughly 18" X 18" duct type part with wall thickness of 0.300" .
So far we have run the build 10 times for four parts - even after we had a successful build file ( we thought ) we would run the same one again and the next build from the same Bff file would not build - we have really had to open up the magic book on this simple part - the sad part is the 160 hours that this part
takes to build , you really hope that it dies at 0.800" rather than at 16 or 17 inches. A fix your looking for is it? I wish I could help! Phantoms of the SLA's.
And yes we tried quite a few different fixes - just about the time you think it is a done deal you try to replicate the same build that built perfect and BONK.
The phone lines will be busy.
Karl feel free to call if you like.

P.S. It is Painfully obvious that little if any enhancements to support the SLA 250's or smaller platforms was an issue, 3-D Systems needs to recognize that these platforms are not going to go away!

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> Subject: 3D Lightyear and Buildstation on SLA 500s
> Hello All!
> I received my light year and new buildstation software for my 500s and am
> having trouble with the first build prepared with the new software. I am
> hoping that those of you that had the beta version can help. The build is
> of parts that are not anything to complex in shape, just a duct and elbow of
> a pipe. The build is 13.5" tall and the first attempt at building the part
> stopped at 9.0915" I viewed the entire build as well as the sli, bff and
> relating files and they all seem to be ok. The part complete message was on
> the monitor as if it had completed normally. The second try at the same
> build provided a part that was about 1" tall and the part complete message
> appeared again. No errors, no other problems!
> I've reverted back to using Maestro!
> Help!!
> Karl R. Denton
> Lead Engineer
> Williams International
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