Call for Speakers

From: Linda Johnson (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 16:38:19 EEST

Call For Speakers

SME is pleased to announce this 3rd offering of our hugely successful
“Reverse Engineering” seminar to be held December 8-9, 1999, in Detroit,
Michigan .

This event has show strong support since the first offering Troy, Michigan
in April of 1998. Since then the support has continued to be strong at the
Newport Beach, California and at the Ohio Aerospace Institute in Cleveland
Ohio. Each offering has been a huge success, the interest was so strong, we
sold out both in terms of attendees and tabletops at our Tabletop Exhibit
Reception. We are currently finalizing our December’99 program, but would
be interested to hear from speakers who could provide reverse engineering
case studies in the areas of
-Design verification
-Rapid prototyping
-Parts inspection
-Parts dimensioning
-Flaw analysis
-Tool verification
-Technical design documentation
-CAD surface/solid creation
Competition comparison using technology such as
-3D digitizers
-X-ray digitizing
-Laser trackers
-MRI, cat scan, touch probe/CMM machines, or computed tomography.

For more information about how to submit a presentation idea, how to reserve
a tabletop exhibit, or how to receive information about attending the
program, please contact Linda Johnson at 313-271-1500 ext. 2115 or email at

Linda Johnson
Lead Technical Market Specialist
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Event Manager
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
One SME Drive
Dearborn, Michigan 48121
Phone: 313-271-1500, ext. 2115
FAX: 313-240-8254

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