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And another one.

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It is easy enough to subscribe everyone to an Egroups list. You just take the
existing list and copy it to an egroups subscription box. It's easy and allows
for the listowner to moderate and allows for posting by nonmembers. The list is
free if you accept a certain amount of low key advertising at the end of each
email message. Or it's $4.95 per month without advertising. I have set a
University of Pennsylvania alumni list on Egroups fairly easily and subscribed
470 people at one time. I have no interest in promoting Egroups other than the
fact that I am pleased with it. It automatically archives and has a web only
option as well as digest format and summary format. I currently use Majordomo
for another professional list that I own, Techno-L, and its limitations cause me
to work overtime to keep spam off the list. I am thinking of moving Techno-L to
E-groups or to another location.

Scott Taper
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Justin Kidder wrote:
> I checked out this Egroups thing ( Except for the
> included "discreet" advertising on every message, it looks pretty

... I quess you have already read this part. //RD

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