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Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 16:45:48 EEST

Does the 250 now run on NT and buildstation 5.0? Hey, I'm not sure since I
haven't seen a 250 up close and personal in a few years.
Wait.....Hey.......isn't that a DEAD PLATFORM????????
If the 250 buildstation is running NT and buildstation 5.0, you can first
make a share directory on the Lightyear NT workstation (I have a directory
c:\3dsystems can call it what you will). Tell Lightyear (in
setup wizard) to write the .r, .v, .prm and .l files to that share
On the 250, create a new drive to read the share directory on the Lightyear
NT box.
>From there, you can drag and drop files from the NT workstation to the 250
using Windows explorer or File Manager.
If the 250 is still DOS, disregard everything I said here and take a long
liquor lunch.
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Since I install Light Year I have been using the old school FTP commands to
transfer build files from my new NT box to the SLA 250. I don't mind but it
is too many steps for other people here. Is anybody using a easier
solution for the people that prefer using a GUI or just copying from a
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