scanners for part verification

From: Hoerner, Brian - GCP (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 16:50:51 EEST

Hi all,

        We are currently evaluating scanners both for RE of new clay/foam
models as well as RE for first article inspection. What I am looking for in
response is from those who are using this technology in house(not salesman)
and have a good handle on how well the various systems have worked for you
in one specific area. I need to know how accurate and how well your system
works for scanning deep cavities on parts. For example, a 2 inch wide part
with .100in walls that is 2.5 - 4 inches deep. How much bad data is
captured and is it even possible with current technology to achieve this
goal. We have many small thin walled parts with deep cavities.

        We have evaluated a large variety of different types of scanners,
including doing accuracy verification using machined and cmm data. But I am
curious of actual/factual results in the types of parts I have listed above.

Appreciate all your help,
Please send all responses directly to me and I will attempt to compile
answers and post.

Brian Hoerner
CADD Systems Specialist

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