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From: Jack Feng (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 20:39:33 EEST

Hi John,

Our research group have been doing research in using the Mitutoyo RV507 CMM
as a tool for data gathering, and convert the points data to IGES file.
Then bring this IGES files to Pro/E on the Sun workstation. In Pro/E, we
generate the curves and surfaces, and the solid models. We have also
replicated the object with LOM rapid prototyping method to check the
accuracy of the reverse engineerign process. My under- and graduate courses
have experienced RE with CMM. Our next step is to CNC machining replicate
the object. It is still an on-going project.

In the summer, we upgraded our computer and software from Dos-based to
Win/NT based. There are also other features added to the software from
Mitutoyo. We are exploring more capacities with the new software.

Let us know if you are interested in more details.

Jack Feng
Bradley University

At 09:25 AM 8/26/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Firstly a belated thanks to all who replied to my initial enquiry (below)
>factual as well as humourous info.
>My next question is:
>How effective is Reverse Engineering in a design process?
>We are considering the purchase of a Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine which
>largely, be at the disposal of New Product Develpoment. The use of Reverse
>Engineering is the main reason for the purchase. Whilst we understand the
>principles involved we are not wholly convinced as to the benefits this
>technique will bring and are therefore unsure as to whether to invest in a
>or not.
>Is there anyone out there who could advise as to how the process benefits
>particular business, or offer good or bad experiences. In fact any
>would be appreciated.
>Thanks, once again in anticipation
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>John Makuch
>11/08/99 13:37
>Subject: General Info Need
>Does anyone have any statistics as to how much time and money can be saved by
>submitting SL, SLS etc Models to toolmakers for evaluation early in tool
>manufacture process.
>Thanks in anticipation
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