Re: fdm process

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 23:02:23 EEST

>Does any one have information on other fdm process other than Stratasys or
>are they the only one's that have this going?

    There are two companies that sell fabbers that work by what we call
"continuous deposition" or an extrusion technique. They are Stratasys and
the Chinese company, Beijing Yinhua, which has only sold a few. There are
many research projects around the world on variations of this process,
mostly at universities, but also at some commercial companies. Some of these
projects are sponsored by or being done in cooperation with Stratasys, but
others are independent. The most famous independent project was started at
IBM, but was eventually sold to Stratasys and became the basis of their
Genisys fabber.

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