Subject: It is possible: Draftangles on STL product data.

Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 09:41:24 EEST

        Dear all,

        If you have the same problems like we had in creating moulds with
draftangles from STL product data without draftangles, we might have a
solution for you. TNO Industrial Prototyping likes to offer you a FREE copy
of the TNO STL DraftangulatorTM version 1.3 Beta.

        This software enables the user to design and manufacture high
quality moulds by using a STL file of the product. The package was initially
developed for internal use to generate draftangles on STL files. After
positive feedback from industry it was decided to make it public.

        Use the TNO STL DraftangulatorTM along with your own CAD/CAM
software to create a complete tool from a STL-file of a product, including
draft and shrinkage. More information can be found on our web site at:

        To receive a free copy of our software you have two possibilities:

        1. Reply this message to us and fill in the form below (items
marked with * are mandatory):

                Your name*:
                Company name*:
                Postal address*:
                E-mail address*:
                Company size (persons):

        2. Browse on our WEB-site to:

        We would appreciate your opinion on our software. If you order a
free copy of it you will be automatically subscribed to our Rapid Tooling
mailing list. You are most welcome to use this list to exchange your
experiences about the TNO STL DraftangulatorTM with other subscribers and

        All the best from Holland,
        TNO Industrial Prototyping
        Rene Cleypool, Rik Knoppers, Jeroen van den Hout, Jan Willem Gunnink

        TNO Institute of Industrial Technology
        Production Development Division
        Department of Industrial Prototyping
        P.O. Box 5073
        2600 GB Delft
        The Netherlands

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