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Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 22:20:42 EEST

At Friday 8/27/99 , Robert Hogans wrote:
>Has anyone used one of the mini CNC mills made by Roland, specifically the
>Modela? How reliable is the device and whats the quality of the models

We have a Modela in our showroom, and I think that for the
price asked it is a great machine (do note that we are a bit biased as
we sell the machine. Still, as we sell different brands, I can compare
it to the competition). The machine is as easy to operate as a
printer: I never saw a CNC machine with so little user interface:
3 buttons only. It does function reliable: Roland has a very good
reputation here as well.

The important thing you have to keep in mind with this machine
that is has very limited capabilities: these should fit with your
application. Limitations are the small working area (150 x 100 x 40 mm)
and the low power (5 W spindle motor only). We do recommend the
machine ONLY for machining in light type of PUR foam (max ca
10 kg/m3). Main application areas in my view: concept modelling
and education.

Just play around with it: for a price just below USD 1,000
you can win a lot of experience at a low investment.

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
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