Re: Duraform + Nylon Composite?

From: David K. Leigh (
Date: Sat Aug 28 1999 - 15:55:49 EEST

I would strongly recommend you not do that. The build temps are different,
as well as the shrink rates and laser power. You would have to run a few
builds to test temps and scale values. Plus, you would have to make sure it
was homogeneous. You wouldn't want to have 1 layer of nylon go by itself,
then 4 layers of duraform. Plus, you could not use any of your used powder
in a future "batch" of virgin/used mixture because this blend would

How do you normally mix your powders? Run the virgin powder X times and
pitch it or mix virgin powder with used at a specific ratio?

Just my opinion: but hey, you may find some new "proprietary" blend that
you could patent as a high performance polyamide matrix and sell it on the
side. (DTM, don't get mad, just conjecturing with a little humor).
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Subject: Duraform + Nylon Composite?

>I have some cans of older nylon composite laying around. I'm wondering if
anybody out there has mixed small quantities (10%?) in with duraform just as
a means of using it up and saving a buck. I would think that the build
parameters wouldn't change. Thanks,
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