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From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Sun Aug 29 1999 - 22:15:12 EEST

Hi Pedro,
I would like to be of assistance if I can...

Pedro Garayo wrote:

> Hello list,
> I've come up to a not very usual type of product for my everyday job. I
> need to make prototypes for marketing purposes of bottles and caps in
> several sizes for food storage. Diameters range from 100 to 55 mm. and
> heights from 250 to 150 mm. (of the mounted product).

I'm not sure what you mean by "(of the mounted product)." Perhaps you
mean the inside dimensions of the bottles?

> Which would you
> think to be the best rp method? I was thinking SLS, if I want to paint
> finish the product... Are there any special considerations I should be
> aware of?

The least expensive way is CNC Machining. I could make functional
models out of acrylic.

If you want a more comprehensive prototype then I can make it in glass.
I am now in collaboration with a glass artist. Together we can produce
it from your CAD drawings.

Best Regards
Greg Pettengill

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