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Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 16:24:23 EEST

We have been working on a similar process. 3Dimensional Engineering is
authorized to distribute a patented injection mold thermoplastic that has
20% - 25% better thermal conductivity of aluminium at 1/10th the weight.

This material was developed as an alternative for heat pump elements
to eliminate corrosion during operation.


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On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:41:14 -0700 Jim Burt <>
> Somebody sent this to me after seeing it in Design News:
> In the news: Poco Graphite is expanding its product base with
> Grafoam, a
> material developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National
> Lab. The
> company is licensed to produce the patented carbon foam that has a
> thermal
> equivalent to aluminum at 1/5th its weight. Grafoam could allow auto
> designers to place the radiator somewhere other than the front end
> or could
> displace heavy cooling fans, metallic fins and heat sinks in
> electronics.
> The materials were originally developed for the space program.
> I'm sure they won't charge much.......
> Does anyone know anything about this material? Such as how it is
> supplied,
> worked, molded, tooled, squirted or whatever? Sounds prrrettty
> interesting.
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