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Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 20:55:14 EEST

Dear List,
Shared Replicators, Inc., based in Tulsa, Oklahoma is seeking qualified candidates to fill the following openings.
Shared Replicators is pioneering Fractional Ownership Programs for top-of-the-line industrial rapid prototyping equipment. Currently, the company is marketing shares in SLA7000 solid imaging systems. The first Solid Imaging Lab dedicated to the management of fractionally owned systems is under construction, with completion scheduled for mid-November. Five such labs are planned for North America over the next 36 months. Shared Replicators is also involved in several promising solid imaging research and development projects, with emphasis on new applications and technology commercialization.
This position reports to the President and is responsible for Research, Technology Evaluation, Client Technical Services, and Technology Commercialization. Additionally, this position is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company's Solid Imaging Laboratories. The company is in the early stages of commercializing a patented process involving Freeform Fabrication applications in composite manufacturing. The incumbent for this position will be responsible for all technology commercialization projects as well as the development of collaborative relationships with research partners.
The successful candidate for this position will have a degree in Mechanical Engineering (masters or doctorate preferred), or an advanced degree in Material Science. Applicants for this position will have significant background in Rapid Prototyping with special emphasis in stereolithography. Experience in technology commercialization is a plus as is a background in International Business.
Compensation includes a competitive salary, bonus program, stock options and paid benefits.
This position reports to the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for managing an advanced technology solid imaging laboratory in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The incumbent will direct technicians and provide training of subordinates. This position will participate with the company's university and technical school partners in the development of web based courses in solid imaging including rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and product development. This position is accountable for all equipment management services provided at the lab as well as select retail services.
The successful candidate for this position will have significant background and experience in SLA equipment operation including a minimum of two years hands on experience in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and related support services. Excellent communication and teaching skills are also required.
Compensation includes a competitive salary, paid benefits, bonus opportunity and stock options
Shared Replicators, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer M/F
Tulsa, Oklahoma is located in the "green" eastern part of the state near the foot hills of the Ozark mountains. Tulsa and the surrounding area offers residents a high quality of life with abundant cultural and recreational opportunities. Tulsa county is one of the lower cost of living areas in the country. The community is noted for it many public parks, area lakes and museums. All in all its a great place to live and is family friendly.
Interested parties should submit their resume with cover letter in confidence to Ronald Jones, President. Applicants may correspond via e-mail or via regular mail to: 6 East 5th Street, Tulsa, OK 74103.

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