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SME would like to announce the following events

Testing and Evaluation of Plastics Technical Seminar and Hands-on Workshop
September 23-24, 1999 * Pittsfield, Massachusetts

This program is designed to be interactive and emphasizes a proactive,
hands-on approach to plastic testing and evaluation. By attending this
event, you will meet with a collective of applications and technology
experts. this multi-speaker seminar will enhance your learning experience
with a hands-on workshop held on-site at Plastics Technology Laboratories,

Fundamentals of Vinyl Extrusion
October 25, 1999 * Fairfield, New Jersey

This is a very practical course with numerous case histories to understand
PVC melt flow behavior using torque and capillary rheometry systems. New
techniques are presented to characterize PVC compounds and its application
in extrusion is shown. PVC extrusion fundamentals are covered in a very
simplified way to allow foreman and process engineers to get a clear view of
what happens to rigid and flexible PVC during extrusion process. Practical
case histories are presented on blending, compounding, profile, tubing and
sheet extrusion technology is covered in great detail

Vinyl Extrusion Technology & Applications
October 26-27, 1999 * Fairfield, New Jersey

this program is designed to help processors and compounders improve their
operations. This two-day multi-speaker seminar focuses on the newest
technology, materials, processing trends and applications, all designed to
help you improve your business. Where else can you find an expert speaking
staff gathered in one place, ready to answer your questions about your

Hands-on Troubleshooting for Injection Molding
November 11-12, 1999 * St. Charles, Illinois

This course offers you the basic building blocks required for understanding
the process and provides you with a strong foundation or understanding the
importance of proper part design and quality production techniques in the
injection molding process. The hands-on portion of this event will take
place at the Fisher Sales Corporation.

Fundamentals of Injection Molding and Fundamentals of Injection Molded Part
December 1-3, 1999 * Troy, Michigan

"Fundamentals of Injection Molding," a two day program, offers you the
fundamental knowledge and application on the injection molding process that
is critical to the success of your operation. "Fundamentals of Injection
Molded Part Design," on one day program, will provide you with the
understanding of the gate location and type selection, the effects of
material type on mold design and the knowledge of the effective ways to
solve your tooling problems.

Rapid Tooling Applications for Metalcasting
December 1-2, 1999 * Arlington Heights, Illinois

This seminar is designed to educate the foundry and non-foundry engineer on
how free form fabrication can help you produce your quicker and less costly
than your competition while maintaining or exceeding your current quality
standards. This technology is not meant to replace current foundry
practices but to enhance capabilities and productivity. We have assembled
leaders in the application of rapid tooling in the metalcasting process.
This seminar will address CAD to pattern making to casting the tools. You
will walk away from this seminar with the knowledge and confidence to
evaluate and justify rapid prototyping/tooling for your casting operations.

Fundamentals of Material Selection for Multi-materials for Injection Molding
December 8, 1999 * Troy, Michigan

This one day event is designed to give you an overview of materials
characterization in relationship to selection in the multi-material process.
It is created to provide assistance for part designers and selector's of
materials for multi-shot injection molded plastic parts. This course will
cover material characterizations and selection of these processes.

Applications for Multi-Material Injection Molding
December 9-10, 1999 * Troy, Michigan

This program is created to help industry professionals enhance their
understanding of the various injection molding processes including
co-injection, insert molding and multi-shot injection molding. Industry
experts have been assembled to discuss such pertinent topics as tooling
considerations, design issues, machine selection, cavity pressure variable
and many more relevant subject areas.

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