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Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 07:28:53 EEST


I'm just about had it. I received this email, and I'm no longer
willing to explain all this again and again. If this list is not wanted,
I'll colse it down ;) But I bet one or two of you have the time and
patience to explain this person what really is going on in the world...

Oh, btw. Jaakko Korpela is doing a great job, I have nothing against him
or any other people at the cc: section. It's just this Mike guy who owns
the whole wide world...

I think I'll take a long walk now.

Yours truly

Hannu Kaikonen <>
 'owner rp-ml'
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Jaakko, there is a fundamental flaw here. This rp-ml list has a lot of
addresses it should not have--as seen by the amount of Unsubscribes and
Removes. So how did the addresses get there?? Do you have some sort of
bot to collect the addresses illegally?? I have to assume the addressee
did not add himself or why else does he/she constantly asked to be
removed. On that same topic, why does the rp-ml not remove the addresses
when requested? There are instructions on how to remove addresses but I
will bet the messages are just ignored. Why???? Why have such a list
when people do not want it?? All it does is recirculate junk mail.

Why not send out a genuine message to everybody on the list to ask if
they had any problems and ask them if they would like to be removed (for
real this time!!) I will bet you would flooded with responses!!!

BTW FYI, the rp-ml address has already been removed. I have also setup a
filter to block this site by domain name and numerical address.


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On 8/31/99 at 10:29 AM CSC Mail support wrote:

>There is a some sort of a misunderstanding in this "rp-ml"-case.
>The story goes like this. Someone adds an address of a mailing-list (in
>this case to some other mailing lists (like
>and Michael Bahr's Metro Area email list). When members of "rp-ml"
>-mailing list get these mails, they think it's spam and complaint to
>innocent owners of these mailing-lists.
>I see no proof that any of our customers added to other
>mailing lists so there is not much we can do. I think only possibility
>identify this troublemaker is to examine logs of Merto Area and other
>mailing lists more carefully. For more information about "rp-ml" -
>list see
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