Possible SPAM solution. (Off topic)

From: Dickinson, John (John.Dickinson@nrc.ca)
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 16:40:58 EEST

I'll keep this simple.

FACT. The rp-ml mailing list is being subscribed to SPAM email lists and
other web subscription services.

FACT. This means people on the list get unwanted email and don't always
realise that it is through no fault of rp-ml administrators or the host
majordomo site.

FACT. Some list members get annoyed and send email to the list and/or the
spammers thus ensuring their own email address and rp-ml's get tagged as
active and targeted for further SPAM.

FACT. If the mailing list only propogated email from people on the list then
most (if not all) SPAM and alternate mailing list services email would not
get through, hence no more annoyances.

FACT. This would prevent legitimate RP email questions from list outsiders.

PROPOSAL: Only propogate email from members and have non-member email go to
a seperate mailbox to be sent on to the list manually by the administrator
or other list member volenteer who would have the rights to send email to
the list. This way one person gets the spam and can delete the junk instead
of everyone.

John Dickinson

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