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Dear Andy and all,

I was in Tulsa a few months ago where a friend of mine went to a presentation by
the 3D salesman who was organizing and pitching the Shared Replicators program to
an investment group. My friend gave me the pamphlet, but I supposed I tossed it.
Of course it is easy to check with the Oklahoma State Corporation Commission to
obtain the names of the incorporators as well as the articles of incorporation.
The program, as I was told, is to sell shares or a block of time to users such as
Little Giant Pump Co. and Zebco. I wonder how the 3D machine owner in Stillwater
feels about this after spending well over a year to build up his own business in a
farm state with very little product development industry.

Albert C. Young
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> << Shared Replicators is pioneering Fractional Ownership Programs for
> top-of-the-line industrial rapid prototyping equipment. Currently, the
> company is marketing shares in SLA7000 solid imaging systems. >>
> Is that the only way someone can afford one of those?
> Andy Scott
> Lockheed Martin Aero Sys
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