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Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 02:07:28 EEST

>From Albert Young's e-mail...

> I wonder how the 3D machine owner in Stillwater
> feels about this after spending well over a year to build up his own
> business in a farm state with very little product development industry.


Hello All,

Actually, we have moved from Stillwater into a new 7,000 square foot facility
located in Perkins, Oklahoma. We have been interested to follow the
development of the activities over in Tulsa. However, we are concentrating
more on how to build our business, as opposed to what others might be doing.
We have had good success at gaining customers and keeping them, even though
Mr. Young is correct about Oklahoma's product development industrial base.

It is an interesting concept - fractional ownership. However, after being in
the SLA / RP business for a while, we have a clear understanding that the
vast majority of quality in an SLA part comes after the platform is raised
out of the resin. Besides, Shared Replicators is not a service bureau,

This is my first submission to the RP-ML. Hope I didn't break any rules.....

Best Wishes,
Mark Prather, P.E.
TECH, Inc.

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