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<< While discussing a low cost system, someone quietly said there were several
 systems that could be marketed cheaply yet the developers saw no market.
 Guess they think like the old IBMer who saw no reason for a PC. >>
I'll never forget an interview with Lee Iacocca, after discussing his
successes, the mustang, etc., they asked him if he ever made any big
mistakes. He said that one of his designers came up with the idea to put
telephones into the lincoln continental, long before Cellular existed. Lee
said he told him that was the stupidest idea he ever heard of, nobody would
want a phone in their car. Even visionaries don't have all the answers.
Personally I agree that the low cost market for replicators would sell like
hotcakes. But somebody has to take the risk. Maybe we will have to wait for
the chinese version.
Andy Scott
Lockeed Martin Aero Sys

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