Leave it to Albert to stir things up

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Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 07:05:19 EEST

I'm a lurker on the RP-ML - I don't usually post but I can't imagine that I'm
the only one who is tired of reading his carping.

* Your information is incorrect (as Ron pointed out)
* You only seem to post when you want to take a shot at 3D
* If Ron Jones & Shared Replicators was buying YOUR machine would you have
posted your question on the RP-ML asking how your machine owner in OK would
"feel about this?"
* Why don't you talk about your machine, your customers, their applications
and successes on the RP-ML? That's what people want to hear about.

Subj: Re: Job Posting
Date: 9/1/99 3:09:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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Dear Andy and all,

I was in Tulsa a few months ago where a friend of mine went to a presentation
the 3D salesman who was organizing and pitching the Shared Replicators
program to
an investment group. My friend gave me the pamphlet, but I supposed I tossed
Of course it is easy to check with the Oklahoma State Corporation Commission
obtain the names of the incorporators as well as the articles of
The program, as I was told, is to sell shares or a block of time to users
such as
Little Giant Pump Co. and Zebco. I wonder how the 3D machine owner in
feels about this after spending well over a year to build up his own business
in a
farm state with very little product development industry.

Albert C. Young

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